Getting our first home is our biggest leap of faith

But it was all worth it. We want to help you in your first home journey too! 

Where are you in your first home journey?

It’s overwhelming to think where to begin in your first home journey, how to make choices properly, and who to talk to.

In this blog, we want to write down our own first home journey lest we forget about how it all started for us. At the same time, we want it to be a resource for others who share the same struggle.

Please note that we are in no way whatsoever financial or legal advisers. This blog only exists to document our own personal experience and what we learned during the process.

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Saving for your first home

As a first timer, what are exactly the first steps to do? How much downpayment to save? And who to talk to?

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Looking for land

Private property, land estates, and auctioned properties are among the options to securing a land. What are the good suburbs to go to? 

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Looking for a floorplan

Decide first what are your non-negotiables. Which ones can you compromise? What is your budget? Is north facing better than south? 

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Starting the building process

What colors to choose for my kitchen? What starts the process? Too many questions.

Stages of home building

Slab, framing, roofs, and the bugs. Which comes first?

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Moving in your first home

What are the first thing to do when you move in to your first home? Celebrate!

Display Home Viewing Checklist

What are the things to look for in a display home? Get our checklist so you don’t forget anything.

New Home Checklist

Moving is a stressful. Manage it with our checklist which comes with a complete list of household appliances and items to bring.

Home decor products

Shop our online store of home wall art, room labels, and pantry labels. And get that cosy home feels.


Lighting Upgrades

Add provisions or lights itself in the outdoors such as floodlights above garage door, pillar lights on your facade, and also lights on your backyard.

Install A Ceiling Fan

Ask for provisions for ceiling fans on your alfresco.

Fridge water points

Add a water point for your water-dispensing fridge.

Wiring Upgrades

Add electrical outlets on your kitchen island so you can plug in your mixer when baking.

LED Lighting

Choose LED lightings in your first home. It saves more energy and bills.

Home Inspections

Hire a third-part home inspector for a second opinion on your home construction quality.


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