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Getting in the top primary schools in Melbourne is tricky-ish

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As of January 2021, majority of the top primary schools in Melbourne are still found in the east side of the city. Consequently, real estate prices on those suburbs are getting expensive each hour as we speak.

You may be a parent who is looking for a good school for your school-aged children in Melbourne. If you’re a first timer to the education system here, it can get overwhelming, especially for newly arrived migrants like us.

Having just relieved from all the stress of visa applications and then settling into a new suburb. And voila! You have to enrol your child in a school, and as a parent, you don’t want just any school. Of course, you want to get in the top primary schools in Melbourne. I mean, your child.

How to get in the top primary schools in Melbourne

The state of Victoria is called the state of education around here. They bring in a high quality of education and they houses among Australia’s best schools and universities. When you are in Victoria, a plethora of great schools are yours for the choosing.

But depending on which suburb you live in, you can only enrol in a school that accepts students residing within a school catchment. This is where things start to get tricky.

For example, a government school will accept students living within around 1-2 miles around. If that government school is one of the top ten high-performing state in school, you can bet that the real estate activity in that suburb is high-performing in money as well.

So what do others do?

  • Move in to the suburbs with high-performing government schools. This means almost ZERO tuition fees. But real estate estate prices are expensive.
  • Enrol their child in private schools which implements a different style of catchment zoning. But this comes in with expensive tuition fees.
  • Enrol in private Catholic schools with tuition fees quite similar to government fees. There are many Catholic schools in Australia. In fact, they almost number equal to that of government schools. However, Catholic schools may not be a viable option for Non-Catholics though.
  • Apply for Melbourne’s 4 selective schools. They are governed by the state, provides cream-of-the-crop standard of education, at an almost ZERO price tag for parents. These selective schools applies to secondary students.

In the state of Victoria, where Melbourne belongs to, there are four (4) selective entry high schools that accept academically high-achieving students in years 9 to 12 based on entrance exams.

These schools are:

I’m getting way too ahead of myself. I still have a prep student on my hands and I’m already thinking of secondary education. Well the thing is getting enrolled in good schools is determined by factors that involve major decisions in your life. This includes which suburb to buy your first home, which is already by far a life-changing decision that once decided mistakenly can hinder being able to enrol in a great school that you want for your child.

We are new migrants in Melbourne, I didn’t grow up here and I didn’t graduate from schools here. I am not even familiar with the year levels here. So I’m taking it one day at a time in learning about it all through this blog.

Hopefully, we can put all the pieces of puzzles together before making another major decision that will affect our ability to enrol in a school for my child.

For experienced mommies out there, what are your thoughts? First time mom here very willing to take your words of wisdom and experience.