victoria cursive handwriting workbook

Learn the Victoria Cursive Handwriting in a fun way!

Are you looking for ways to make cursive handwriting fun for your prep child? Introducing our our Victoria Cursive Handwriting Workbook!

If you live in Australia and have school-aged children, you will find that the school curriculum uses a specific font for the cursive alphabet letters. Apparently, the font differs between states as well.

We live in the state of Victoria and the school curriculum uses a font called Victorian Modern Cursive Script.You can download it for free from here.

When my child started Prep, the school gave us practice worksheets on writing the cursive letters. I also created my own worksheets, posters, and other visual aids to help expose her to this particular cursive script.

My husband and I then had an idea to create a workbook that she can easily put in her bag or bring anywhere around the house without the sheets falling off.

Introducing our own VIC Modern Cursive Handwriting Workbook that you can buy on Amazon!

What’s inside the Victoria Cursive Handwriting Workbook

Each letter is given a two-page spread where your child can focus on that particular letter, practice the strokes, and write common words that start with that letter.


  • Alphabet letters with arrows and numbers to show the proper way to write cursive letters
  • 50+ pages of prompts to write the uppercase and lowercase of each letter in the alphabet
  • Lined worksheets with spelling words of things that are unique to Australia (e.g. kangaroo, echidna, emu, and more)
  • 10+ pages lined worksheets for free practice
  • Paper Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)

Our VIC Cursive Handwriting Practice Books for Kids are suitable for 4 year old kids and above, usually at Prep Level.

victoria cursive handwriting workbook content

Easy grip and very lightweight

Comes in a standard size of A4 and 100gsm paper. Smooth matte cover. Very lightweight and easy to put in school bags.

Australia animals add more fun!

Made more fun with illustrations of cute Australian animals, your child will enjoy learning the Australia cursive handwriting.

Modern Cursive Handwriting (VIC)

Give your child a workbook to practice writing cursive letters based on the school curriculum of Victoria, Australia.

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